USA Softball Region 9

2007 - Player - Fielder

Association: Oregon

Meats participated in organized softball for 41 years, from 1959-2000, competing in 27 ASA State Tournaments, 15 ASA Regional Tournaments, and 4 ASA National Tournaments. She played fast pitch softball for 13 years and slow pitch for the remainder.

Meats’ playing career began in Eugene, Oregon in 1959 with the McCulloch Chain Saws, a young and successful fast pitch team which competed in the Northwest Women’s Major Softball League. Primarily a left fielder, Meats was also a back-up pitcher and occasionally played other infield positions.

McCulloch won many invitational tournaments, three state championships, two regional championships, and also earned two national berths. In 1965 the “Saws” took 8th place in nationals in Stratford, Connecticut, and in 1966 they placed 5th in the nation in Orlando, Florida, where Meats was their top hitter and named to the second All-American team.

During her fast pitch days, Meats was an All-State pick four times, once All-Regional, once 2nd team All-American, once in the National All-Star Series, and three times a member of the Northwest Women’s Major League All-Opponent team.

In the early 1970s Meats relocated to Sheridan, Oregon to teach high school, and she began a lengthy career in slow pitch as a shortstop and pitcher. During her slow pitch years, Meats was a member of two State Championship teams and one Regional Championship team, and she participated in two additional national tournaments. Meats also garnered six more All-State picks, including three Most Valuable Player awards.