USA Softball Region 9

1995 - Player - Infield

Association: Washington

National Hall of Fame Member

She wasn’t flashy. But she got the job done. That pretty much sums up Dorothy (Dot) Dobie, whose fast pitch career started in 1944 and concluded in 1974. Talented and hard-working, Dobie was called a natural at fast pitch by one of her former coaches, Betty Baker, of the Yakima, WA Apple Queens. It didn’t matter if she played the outfield or infield, Dobie was comfortable at either and played for some of the nation’s top women’s teams, including the Erv Lind Florists (1958-1965) and the Fresno Rockets (1966). She was a member of the Florists’ national championship team in 1964 and was a member of national runners-up teams three times (1959, 1960 and 1963). In helping the Florists win the national title in 1964, Dot captained the team and batted .333. She played in 15 ASA national championships and was an All-American four times: 1960, 1965, 1969 and 1970. She also played in two Women’s Major Fast Pitch All-Star Series and 13 times was named all-regional. She is a member of the Portland ASA Hall of Fame (1988), the Yakima Washington Hall of Fame (1983), the Northwest Regional Hall of Fame (1995), the Oregon Sports Hall of Fame, and the National ASA Hall of Fame (1995).