USA Softball Region 9

2024 - Umpire

Association: Seattle

Michael Sepe, better known as ‘Sepe’, a good friend to many, a softball player, an umpire, a UIC and mentor to those that darned to listen to his wise words. And, even referred to as ‘Bluto’ by a few close friends.

Sepe played church softball and was impressed by an umpire, Steve Steep. Now, Steve was a bit lost in the 60’s, a free spirit, but Sepe liked how he handled himself on the dirt. Steve so impressed him that he decided to give umpiring a try and the rest is history.

Sepe first registered with ASA in 1978 and took to umpiring like he was shot out of a cannon. Four years later he was working a Men’s FP National and would go on to work 12 more men’s and women’s nationals. He was the Seattle Metro DUIC from 1988 to 1990 and the UIC from 1991 to 1993. In 2014 he became an Elite Umpire. He attended five National Umpire Schools, one Canadian Umpire School and five National UIC Clinics in Oklahoma City.

Sepe was not only as a great partner on the field but someone that wanted to help others get better. A take off on “What would Jesus do?” was “What would Sepe do?”. Umpires at all levels wanted to work with him particularly in a tough game.

Off the field he was a bit of a magnet and would draw umpires to listen to his philosophy and stories of games gone by. Sepe loved the game and one of the reasons he was able to be involved as much as he did was due to the love of his life, Carolee.