USA Softball Region 9

2023 - Umpire

Association: Idaho

Al started his umpire career while in the Air Force.  Al was a Philly boy who unded upat Mountain Home Air Force Base.

He was discovered by Larry Musgrove in the 70's and later moved to the Boise area for the rest of his life.

Al did both slow-pitch and fast-pitch in Idaho for over 45 years.  He also trained both.

He was appointed Idaho District 4 Umpire-In-Chief in 1978.  He served as Idaho State UIC from 1992 throught 2001.  He sceduled all softball games in Boise for over 25 years.  He scheduled fast-pitch games for the old Norwest Fastpitch league.  He worked many of the games in Boise and around the Northwest, including Canada.

He worked at least 10 Regionsl slowpitch tournaments and worked fastpitch regionals in Portland, Yakima and Seattle.  He was the Umpire-In-Chief for 5 regional tournaments, including the Men's A and C fastpitch.  He was the UIC to 2 national tournaments and the assistant for 2 more.  

1989 - Women's Major Slowpitch

1991 - Men's Major Pan AM trials

1995 - Men's Major Fastpitch