USA Softball Region 9

2009 - Player - Outfield

Association: Oregon

Foey began her softball career in 1954 in California, playing for the Red Bluff Merchantettes in the Siskiyou County League. In 1956 her team was the League Champions, and in 1957 and 1958 they were runners-up. In 1958 Foey was selected to the Cascade All-Star Team, and in 1960 her teammates voted her Most Valuable Player of their newly-organized team, the Redding Comets.From 1961-1969 Foey played for the McCulloch Chain Saws in Eugene, Oregon, a young but successful team in the Northwest Women’s Major Fast Pitch League. She was a fierce competitor, whether on offense or defense, and she was also a team leader, equally warm and cordial to all team members. Foey was an outstanding centerfielder with her speed, strong arm, communication and back-up skills, and diving ability. She saved more than one game with her diving catches – a very notable one came in the 1966 Regionals. Foey was also a fine hitter, and her speed on the bases made her invaluable on offense. She hit home runs early in her career and continued doing so until the year she retired! All this from someone barely 5’ tall! Foey was named to many all-star teams. She was all-state two times, all-state MVP one time, all-regional two times, second team All-American one time, and a member of the Northwest Women’s Major Fast Pitch League All-Opponent Team at least four times. In addition, she was named to countless invitational tournament teams. Foey was a great outfielder, hitter and teammate in an era when female athletes weren’t as accepted as they are now. She was a team leader and a disciplined athlete. Foey was one of the greatest outfielders in Oregon in the 1960s.