USA Softball Region 9

2009 - Player - Catcher

Association: Oregon

Jane Caton was the catcher for McCulloch Chain Saws of Eugene, Oregon, a top-notch team in the Northwest Women’s Major Fast Pitch League that placed 8th in Nationals in 1965 and 5th in Nationals in 1966. The few baserunners who dared challenge her strong arm did not do so a second time. She was solid, demonstrating consistent strength and endurance, allowing few passed balls, and calling the pitches for Nancy Welborn, who later played for Orange, California, and is now in the National Hall of Fame. Caton was also an outstanding hitter, and it was her bat that won many games. When McCulloch lost, she was oftentimes the only player with a hit. Caton played from 1961-1974, and was consistently named to all-star teams. She was all-state three times, all-regional four times, second team All-American one time, a member of the Northwest Women’s Major Fast Pitch League All-Opponent Team at least three times, and she played in one National All-Star Series. Caton was also named to countless invitational tournament teams. Caton was a true champion in an era when it wasn’t as accepted as it is today for females to be athletes. She was an outstanding defensive and offensive player, all the more remarkable because she began playing in her late teens and was a “natural” hitter. Caton was one of the true great female softball players in Oregon in the 1960s.